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Frequently Asked Questions

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After selecting your plan, complete an onboarding questionnaire and optionally meet your social media manager.

Connect your social media channel to schedule and post approved content.
Receive a month of posts in seven working days.

Request changes, approve, and we post throughout the month.

Your dedicated account manager will pair you with an industry-specific social media manager. The majority of our team operates from the US, with a few members in Europe. Each client benefits from an account manager who serves as the primary contact and bridges the gap between you and the team.

Our Content Specialists are all native English speakers, ensuring that your social media profiles maintain a consistent and authentic appearance as if you were posting daily.

Our service operates with great efficiency. Upon signing up, you will fill out a comprehensive onboarding questionnaire that provides us with all the essential information about your company and your target audience. This includes details about your branding and any pre-existing ideas you may have for your posts.

Furthermore, we conduct a thorough examination of your website and social media channels to gain a deep understanding of your brand's voice and visual style. This allows us to maintain a consistent style if that's your preference.

Indeed, the content is tailor-made for your unique brand or purpose. This encompasses diverse content formats like images, videos, articles, and more. Our content is freshly crafted, not sourced from existing materials, and is intricately designed to align with the distinct requirements and objectives of your brand.

It serves a range of purposes, including marketing, branding, education, and entertainment.

Consistently posting on social media maintains engagement with your existing followers, promoting your business and educating your audience. While we can't guarantee sales, working with us enhances your chances. To boost sales, consider paid ads, influencer collaborations, and other sales-focused efforts.

Social media builds brand awareness, but other factors like website traffic, reviews, product-market fit, and economic cycles also affect sales.

We're here to assist you. To discover more about our company and address your queries, the most effective approach is to schedule a call with us.

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